City Credit Capital (UK) Limited    

Gro Capita B.M.C. has chosen City Credit Capital (UK) Limited to be its partner primarily because we share the same vision and values.

London is the most respected location for our business and has the most wide ranging and efficient regulatory system giving our clients the best protection for their investments. City Credit Capital (UK) Limited is a category ‘A’ licensed financial services brokerage company operating under and within the strict UK regulatory framework. Not only are they U.K. based but also via their affiliates, regulated in the U.S., Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and China.

Gro Capita B.M.C. with this relationship can offer its clients a safe, secure and simple method of investing in a variety of global markets accurately, transparently and instantly with 24 hour service and back up.

This is what investors require and Gro Capita B.M.C.  through City Credit Capital (UK) Limited is proud to provide it.

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